Freestyle BMX Tricks for Teenagers

Freestyle BMX , also known as BMX tricks is one sport that is 100 % pure brave emotion and adrenaline . However , as the activities involved in the sport , jump and perform various tracks down complicated tricks in the air , the sport has its ups and downs .

In the end , it is here to stay , and Freestyle BMX is probably more popular than ever .

Freestyle BMX is usually considered to be synonymous with the term BMX stunts . It is a discipline with roots from extreme sports . In the same line of professional skateboarding , BMX Freestyle also consists of five different disciplines : plain , trails, green , parks and roads .

From humble beginnings …

Roots freestyle bikes can be traced all the way back to 1975. Located in San Diego , California , the kids took their bikes and mounted in concrete tank at Escondido channel . Some of the first pictures of the bike freestyle skateboarder magazine published by the same year . In 1976 , cyclist looks interesting tricks Carlsbad Skatepark in California .

In a sense , one could say that California is the birthplace of BMX Freestyle .

It did not take long to spread the BMX Freestyle . Extreme sport finally took off in 1980 and eventually reached peak popularity in 1987 . During this period , new bike models being launched almost every week .


Freestyle BMX is both extreme sports and performing arts . Here are some tips that you normally see in a typical case of BMX Freestyle .


When the rider puts the wheels are different on the surface , it is called grinding .

Double ankle . Motorists do rabbits hop and then dropped the issue on the edge or rail .
Smith Grind . Generally considered to be a bit more difficult than the basic weakness of the biker bunny hop after landing the rear wheel and the front ankle at the edge or rail .
Unluc and grind . The Biker Rabbit jumping and falling edge of the pedal and the ankle or train . The rear wheels are not touching the ground .
tower from the air

Tips performed aerial BMX tricks in the air .

Table . The rider turns the handlebars to raise the bike horizontally on the side that looks like a table .
Barspin . The rider turns the handlebars in a complete circle in the air .
Backflip . Motorists usually do a backflip on the road and land on the other side .
flatland tricks

Tricks performed on a flat surface with one wheel touching the ground .

Wheelie . Pedal bike with only rear wheel touching the ground .
Endo . The front brake is applied to lift the bike

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